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LED Solar Garden Gnome Statues - Jinzic | Inspire Uplift

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Some people, characters and animals are so adorable in our lives that a slight peek toward them elicits a wide smile on our face and evaporates the negative vibes inside our body.

Tiny, fluffy hamsters, for example; their pink feet, small nose, bead-like black eyes and wayward scuttles make us blurt out “aww”. There are Persian cats, chubby toddlers, Twitty, unicorns.

And then there are gnomes, the mythological characters that have a special room in our minds because we had so much exposure to them in our childhood cartoons.

They may look mischievous but are known as a symbol of good luck. And who needs the most good luck after you? Yes, your swaying flora and fauna in your lawn, garden and backyard!

Our Solar Garden Gnome Statues will protect your luscious green plants and multi-colored, fragrant flowers from the attacks of rodents, mice, flies and birds at night:p With their lamps in their hands, they will shush the predators away while you sleep soundly in your cozy bed.

They are weirdly cute which makes them an inseparable part of your lawns.

What you’ll get:

  • Attractive outdoor decoration: These resin-made gnome statues with long hats and white beards will make up for mesmerizing outdoor décor. Place them near the rocks, boulders, trees or flowers and enhance the beauty of your lawn.
  • No-hassle wireless operation:  The solar LED garden gnomes have solar panels fitted in their hats which absorb the sun rays all day and turn on the LED lamps at night automatically. No wires, no batteries needed. It is fitted with a 300mAh battery.
  • Bill-free unique garden light: Garden torches, in-ground lights and lanterns take a toll on your electricity bills. These solar gnome statues are an adorable and energy-efficient replacement to them. Illuminate your beautiful garden at night and accentuate its features with these without worrying about the excess electricity bill.

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